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I really feel very strongly about this – the more you read this style, the easier it becomes. Here I will keep posting articles – do keep reading them. Most take a few minutes and will have plenty of nuggets to steal – think cultural references, key studies, how to reference theory.






Regional Variation:

Schools prejudiced against teachers regional accents Trainees pressurised speak Queen’s English


Text Speak/Social Groups:

I h8 txt msgs How texting wrecking language




Language Change/Other:





Confused about Milroy’s Belfast Study? This may help :)

Gender, Regional. Accent. Dialect., Social Groups. Teens. Electronic.

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Basically, in a nutshell she is saying….groups of people in tight knit communities (in her case those people in Ballymacarrell (a Protestant area in East Belfast), the Hammer (a Protestant area in West Belfast) and the Clonard (a Catholic area in West Belfast) use more vernacular/non-standard forms. So in terms of regional variation this could be to do with identity as well as geography.
Her findings can also be linked to:
CLASS – her ‘areas’ were all predominantly working class with high levels of unemployment
GENDER – Women were less likely to use the non standard forms as not part of such tight knit social groups as men
SOCIAL GROUPS – If you are close to people you use similar language!
Hope this helps!

CLA – Amazing Revision Resources! Everything to write a great essay!

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