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Dating Profiles


Paper 1 – New and Improved!

General Revision and Interesting Stuff, Paper 1


Hi all,

As promised attached is an essay plan for Paper 1 Qs 1 and 2. This is a working document, so please do let me know your ideas for improving it!

You can still mix in the triangle with this – I see the PURPLE sections as being the ‘explore’ bit of the triangle.

YR13 – We will have a brief look at this before your mid terms. Hopefully it will help!


New and improved Paper 1 plan

Mid Term Revision – It’s Here….

General Revision and Interesting Stuff, Paper 1

I have attached the PPs I have used to teach Paper 1.

I’ve also attached a very in depth grammar guide – don’t try and memorise it all, but do use it to look up features you may feel unsure about! Look around online for other terminology lists – the AQA glossary is useful, but barely scratches the surface!

This blog is FANTASTIC! I highly recommend it to help you begin finding your own ways to answer these questions:


YR13 it might be useful to start reminding yourselves what you actually did last year!! Those skills are absolutely paramount in the success of your responses in A2 – it is not a separate course.

YR13 Paper 1