Things to aid revision!

General Revision and Interesting Stuff, Social Groups. Teens. Electronic.

Hi All,

I have attached my feed back from last lesson – see below.

It has a new and improved essay structure and sentence starters to help with your practice essays (IT IS SLIDE 10 ON THE PP)

I have also attached the model I wrote!

Please ask any questions and I will get back to you as quick as I can (e.g when I’m not holiday-ing!)

Happy Paper 2

Miss Wright x

Paper 2 feedback again

Social Group Model


2 thoughts on “Things to aid revision!

  1. The other day, I was thinking, the game chess, contains the stereotype of gender roles, when playing the game, to prevent the game from being check mate, it means that the queen has to be the main protection of the king, meaning that she must take on the role of a pawn, a knight and a castle just for the king, meanwhile all the king does is remain stationary until the queen is no longer in the game. This typically could show how women in a household take on all the jobs (cleaning, cooking) while the man simply does nothing.

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