UPDATE! YR13 Have you looked at the NEA examples? Where are your comments :( …


NEA Example Article

NEA Example CommentaryY

R13 – Intro to NEA

Hi Gang,

Attached is the PP I used to go over what you need to do for your NEAs. It will help with the writing of your proposals.

MORE IMPORTANTLY – What is everyone reading? Please comment and let me know …. even if it is just something from the reading pack and even if you hated it 🙂 



22 thoughts on “UPDATE! YR13 Have you looked at the NEA examples? Where are your comments :( …

  1. I’m doing a story extract with the style model The Awakening, I’ve annoyed my chosen extract and I’m working on what I’ll write about!


    1. I think I must be tired, as giggling at “I’ve annoyed” ….. I’m pretty sure you mean “annotated”, but still like the image of you becoming infuriated with Edna Pontellier! HA!
      Any ideas how you will make your writing sound like Chopin’s?


  2. This is tegan and im going to write a short story based on sylvia plath. I will write based on the same topic she wrote about in the bell jar – the struggles of growing up and in terms of structure link back the issues using a metaphor (sylvia linked it to being hungry)


    1. Been reading this by Plath recently, feel like it is so relevant at this moment in time and what has been happening in the media!
      “Being born a woman is my awful tragedy. From the moment I was conceived I was doomed […] to have my whole circle of action, thought and feeling rigidly circumscribed by my inescapable feminity. Yes, my consuming desire to mingle with road crews, sailors and soldiers, bar room regulars–to be a part of a scene, anonymous, listening, recording–all is spoiled by the fact that I am a girl, a female always in danger of assault and battery. My consuming interest in men and their lives is often misconstrued as a desire to seduce them, or as an invitation to intimacy. Yet, God, I want to talk to everybody I can as deeply as I can. I want to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west, to walk freely at night…”

      She is amazing!!!


  3. my style model is based on a travel writing piece by Ma Jian. I will write as they do through the in depth detailed descriptions of the location and in the first person


  4. My Nea example is apricots if the nile it is a travel writing, it is wrote in first person and i will need to talk about cultural foods and historical locations which are wasting away


  5. My NEA is Ma Jian: Red Dust and its a piece of travel writing as I want to do a travel blog/piece of writing. This person wrote their piece in an anecdotal style to capture the audience and make them feel as though they’re in the destination, however its also very descriptive, almost like story writing. Therefore, I shall write in a way that captures the audience whilst telling a factual story.


  6. (This is Maisie) My nea will be a short story, im usinl Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as my style model and writing based on her book “the thing around your neck” which is made up from 12 short stories focusing on women in Nigeria surviving tragedy and facing political problems


  7. Hello! this is Cailin, sorry for a late reply, for my NEA i will be doing a short story too, my style model is from short story writer, and travel journalist Nick Hunt (i know, unlucky name lol, would be worse if it was Mike Hunt!!) with a short story extract named ‘The last of many breeds’-‘The story about the Thylacine’ his work is very descriptive and has a lexical pattern that i will be able to adopt! This piece is written in 3rd person, are you allowed to go into 1st person as well? or do i have to stick exactly to the style model? p.s i am really excited !!


    1. I’m so pleased you are excited – sounds like the perfect style model! You need something you are interested in 🙂 I would have a go at 3rd person….I think at times the omniscient narrator allows for greater depth in its exploration of multiple perspectives!


  8. (Rachel) I think I’m going to write a short story inspired by Robert Coover as my style model – probably his “Going For A Beer” story in the same fast-paced/rushed style, use of speech without direct quotation and written in a 3rd person narrative/written as though reflecting on the past


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